We are Tu-nde and we are proudly Italian: our knitting production is made right here, in Italy. We study your brand, your needs and costs, and we become a helpful part of your world and of your brand!


Tu-nde is a name invented by the Hungarian poet Mihály Vörösmarty during the 18th Century for his masterpiece “Csongor és Tünde” (“Csongor and Tünde”).

“With Csongor and Tünde, Vörösmarty has given new life to the fairy-tale forest whose last visitor was Shakespeare. Moving on Vörösmarty’s stage are fairies, imps, witches and cosmic deities. This fairy world naturally performs its dance on the poet’s magic carpet of language.” (Antal Szerb) (Antal Szerb)


Our focus? Women, only!

Our stylistic team starts the production from global fashion trends and from your customer’s ones. Then, we add our creativity and our technical knowledge to create the perfect product that your customer won’t resist. That’s why our knitwear and t-shirts are cool, at the right price, different and unique… created just for your business!


It’s a great honour for us to create for you stitches, embroidery, handmade sewing and prints to make your items as beautiful and salable as never before! We need to exchange views to understand better your needs and take part in decisions directly with you through all the creative, production and logistics steps.


this is our goal and our strength.